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Communications service providers operate in ultra-competitive environments, where efficiency, quality, and unique service offerings set winners apart from losers. While most carriers have a firm grip on service offerings, accurate and timely billing continues to elude many operators. With Nubill, carriers can stop worrying about running effective billing and customer care systems, and focus more on core competencies. Nubill ensures accurate and timely billing, while simultaneously minimizing revenue leakage and meeting customer care requirements. Nubill is an application service provider offering hosted billing, customer care, and related solutions.


Retail, wholesale, prepaid, postpaid, and real-time billing for voice, video, data, content, and services.

Fraud Management

Fraud issues are addressed across multiple dimensions, including but not limited to, access authorization, data reconciliation, alarms and reports, and white-, grey-, and black-lists.

We also work with your payment processor and/or gateway to help identify, manage, and prevent fraudulent transactions based on your business rules.


Aggregate, correlate, and generate, in real-time, usable billing records from all network elements.  Nubill's mediation engine can capture and prepare for billing all usage data from the network, on a real-time or batch basis. Supported data collection protocols include Radius, HTTP, FTP, TCP, UDP, Serial, ODBC, dial-up, direct file, and more. Nubill's mediation engine supports nearly 800 billing record formats from many equipment manufacturers along with the ability to add new formats.

Payment Processing

Nubill works with your preferred credit card processor and/or payment gateways for fast payment processing on a real-time or batch payment basis.


Provision services automatically or on demand through Nubill's provisioning services. Subscribers expect to be able to order services via many methods, such as online or by phone. Subscribers also expect services to be enabled within minutes. Nubill empowers carriers to meet these demands via its provisioning services.

Revenue Assurance

Associate all network usage with customer, partner, or reseller accounts, and flag all data which fails to bill. Reports and alerts help to uncover areas of revenue leakage, such as misbilled network activity. Identify under-used or stranded equipment ready to be put back into production with Nubill's inventory management and services provisioning to reduce the amount spent on new equipment.

Customer Care

We provide web based interfaces for customer service representatives (CSRs), agents, partners, and customers provides to support a variety of customer care scenarios.


Authenticate, Authorize, and Account for subscriber sessions. With Nubill's integrated AAA services, carriers can pass off key information in prepaid or postpaid billing scenarios, to authenticate and authorize subscribers’ network usage, and to control the amount of usage by passing account balance and allowed usage metrics back to carriers’ networks.


Automate taxation for domestic and/or international based subscribers through custom tax rule creation or by using a Nubill certified tax data partner.

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